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I’m Galit

energy healer, channel, and teacher.

Using powerful energy tools, and creates brain training for people seeking change.
My specialty is Distance Energy Healing for emotional matters,  patterns and mechanisms that activate the person.
Founder and director of the New Age Academic College of Education for personal development, health and awareness.

I welcome you all and I hope you enjoy here! 


Remote Energy Therapy


Brain Training Program


Re-programmed your subconscious with your voice!

Last articles

Whisper to the cells

Many years ago, when I was doing body therapy, I realized that I was talking to the patient’s body. There was something else in the dynamics of the work, in which I “talked” to the muscles and the cells …. Over the years, the treatments changed shape and deepened. Information

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A consciousness of abundance

What makes one person abundant and happy, and a second person to be in a consciousness of lack? Are these the circumstances of life alone? What causes one person to emerge from the crisis and continue to be optimistic and a second person continue to fall and not see the end

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Drama in our life

Most of us are captives in various drama stories in our lives. We seek after excitement, after momentary enthusiasms, after stories that fill our lives with exciting and stirring content. What happens to us on the way is that we are moving away from an experience of inner quietness because

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