A consciousness of abundance

What makes one person abundant and happy, and a second person to be in a consciousness of lack?
Are these the circumstances of life alone?

What causes one person to emerge from the crisis and continue to be optimistic and a second person continue to fall and not see the end of the pit?

Is it a matter of luck?

For many years, my belief system has supported the fact that reconstruction can only come after total destruction. But this is not the inevitability of reality  So let’s start from the beginning.

What is the consciousness of abundance?

 Awareness of abundance is the understanding and knowledge that I have enough resources.

Awareness of abundance is the ability to recognize and use the energy of abundance.
To realize the potential of abundance that exists around us.

Awareness of abundance is an expression of various qualities related to the experience of expansion (rather than reduction) 

Consciousness of abundance can be expressed in an abundance of money, but also abundant health, abundance of love, abundance of joy, abundance of vitality. An awareness of abundance is never connected to the effort.
There is no connection between abundance and hard work. This is the recognition that I have now and will have afterward.

In a sense, it is the ability to be an alchemist = we use our resources to transform them into something new.

It is important to say: the pursuit of money as an expression of abundance is a pursuit that has nothing to do with an awareness of abundance.

Many people can have financial resources but no experience of abundance or enjoyment of their money.
In order for us to realize the potential of abundance that exists in the universe, we must be able to recognize, contain, and transform it.
Let’s explain.

  • To recognize it – we need to recognize the abundance that already exists in our lives.
  •  To contain it – if we earn a certain amount of money but we can not enjoy it, we are in a consciousness of lack.
  •  Transform it – we know how to transform what we have to make more.We know how to create a new wave of energy that enters our life in the form of extra abundance …

If I do not recognize, do not contain or transform, the energy at my disposal is stuck and does not change the aggregate state.


Abundance is like water

One of the analogies I very much connect with is to see an abundance of water.

In the brain training, I created to summon abundance, one of the sentences I repeat is: “I flow abundantly and abundance flows within me” I can see the picture of this two-way flow.

I like the feeling when I imagine that abundance flows within me and that I flow through it. Water does not stand.
When the water is standing they create blasts, they create stagnant water.
Stagnant water is the opposite of vitality. In order to realize the abundance in our life, we must have a vessel that will contain the abundance that exists, that we can summon more and more abundance into our lives. This tool is us. 

What shapes this tool?

Our deepest beliefs, Our language, Our willpower, Our actions.

These are the questions we can ask ourselves:

Do I live with the feeling that I am worthy? That I deserve to enjoy and be happy?
Or maybe I feel guilty (perhaps sad or hurt) when I’m having too much fun?

Do I have conflicting beliefs about abundance? (Fear of success, fear of profit, fear of not being loved? …)

Do I use the words “I do not have,” words that say lack, such as ” hard for me to…”? “my money does not grow on the trees” “The more possessions, more worries”…


We all know the situation in which we asked for something and after it arrived, we did not receive the satisfaction we thought we would reach.

This happens because we have not summoned what satisfies our highest will, and therefore cannot satisfy us.

We were wrong in the essence of what we asked for and so it is not exactly that.

We did not feel abundant when we received it, because it did not fulfill our deep needs.

How do you do this?

Anything you ask for – request and the essence behind it.

For example: I asked for a car. It’s not enough to want a new car.

I asked it to be small, that it would be safe, not a high mileage, it was very important for me to buy from a reliable salesman, I wanted the car to be pink, the seller would live in my hometown, that the car would be properly treated and did not need special treatment, a car that was kept, a clean car and I was willing to pay a maximum of $ 5,000.

I wrote it down on a sheet of paper. And I let go. I did not think about it anymore!

After a few months, my niece and her husband traveled abroad for several years to study and asked me if I wanted to buy their car at a special price for me.

I was given Opal Kursa, which is well guarded by a pair of yekkes who kept the car in a wonderful way.

Everything is listed and arranged, a reliable vehicle with no problems at a price that was much less than what I planned when the value of the car is about $ 10,000.

The only thing I did not get was a pink car.

Maybe the essence of this was not enough strong and important for me ??

Another interesting thing: I remember that I really made a distinction between wanting and needs.

I kept emphasizing that I did not need a car.

I live in a very convenient place in terms of transportation.

All the things I need are within reach. The supermarket, school, friends, downtown … I’m working from home and I do not travel much. I really do not need a car.

I wanted a car.

For fun, for the trips, I want to make, for the sense of freedom that accompanies me to own my own car.

This diagnosis is very significant. The universe really does not matter if I need or want to.
It matters to me.

This diagnosis eliminated my opposition to the “I need a car”

Everyone told me I needed a car and I did not feel that way.

When I connected to the place of “I want” because it delights me, it will give me freedom – the universe started to act.

We tend to think that it is not high enough to ask and want something just because it will fill us with joy and this is a basic mistake.

A mistake in understanding the meaning of our life here.

Miracles and Joy 

The natural experience of life is to  have natural abilities that we were born with, to feel happy and live life in pleasure.

But we have become accustomed to living in conditioning.

If I get married-I’ll be happy If I have three children, I’ll be happy Only when I have money in the bank will I feel abundance…

Conditioning is an illusion.

The external world is shaped according to our inner world, and not vice versa.

Happiness is a decision, joy is a decision. Awareness of abundance is a decision.

We shape life and its interpretation following a simple decision we take: To be in a consciousness of abundance or in a consciousness of lack.

You still have no money or happiness? Connect to the consciousness of abundance. Consciousness precedes external expression. 

You cannot say to the universe – first you invited me joy and then I will feel happy. First, give me money and then I’ll feel plenty. Give me love and then I’ll love …

It does not work that way. The opposite is correct.

I will be happy and be happier.

I will feel abundance and receive abundance.

I will love and receive love.

Awareness of abundance is an act of creation rather than of reaction!

Joy is a spirit that desires to express itself. Express it in the right way for you.


love yourself.

Then miracles will happen.

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