Master your mind and achieve
goals easily and effortlessly​

What is the best thing you would like to happen to you?

  • Business success?
  • At work?
  • In school?
  • In a relationship?​

We all have a changes that we want to make or goals we want to achieve and more iportantly, 
we have a desire and willingness to reach them.

What is missing is one small action ...

Action that completes the entire path to your destination,
which is exactly what I intend to give you.


Any change you would like to make into your life is possible and it is very close!

Everything is in your head, or more precisely, in the brain. Just need to train him to change direction and destination !!

By this very second, the brain tells you, “Guide me to success and I’ll bring you there”

The brain is an amazing and complex tool. It is the supreme command of all body systems. Everything passes through it, everything enters it, everything comes out of it.

There is no blink of an eye that does not start with an order from the brain. there is no thought that does not come from the brain.  How complex and admirable it will be, still - the brain is a member of the body and the more trained it is, the more you produce from it.

  • Want to start the change right now?
  • Want to start training your mind to think differently?
  • Want to make your brain put you on the lines of success?
There are tools that train the mind to achieve everything!

How it all began...

They told you math was hard, right? And physics and chemistry …
and since then all the real professions have become difficult.

Because they told you. Many things have told you from an early age, your teachers,  your parents …

Everything is absorbed into the subconscious that is hidden deep in your brain.
Events, traumas, injuries, insults throughout adult life. And since they are absorbed,
they actually determine the limits, how to act, what to do, where to be …

The main thing is not to get hurt again, not to fall, not to deal and as a result not to achieve,
not to occupy records, and not even try to bring about changes.

But what if the subconscious could be reprogrammed?

Why if?

It can be reprogrammed!

All is possible in 4 easy steps with a  brain training kit

It turns out that you can reprogram your subconscious.

All you need to do is record positive affirmations on your phone or computer.

The recorded statements are sent to me by email.

Having trouble finding which statements to record?

I have a large pool of statements to make things easier for you. Immediately after payment, you will be taken to this page which includes a detailed explanation of how to record and store statements.

I clean the recording, take off the noises, upgrade, duplicates the sentences over and over again.

and in a special technology with a particularly strong effect, I create 4 different tunes that crystallize into one soundtrack of about 40 minutes.

After everything is ready I send you back to the email.

The special technology in which I edit the recording bypasses all the conscious filters in the brain and addresses directly to other (subconscious) parts that participate in the renewed brain programming process.

The collections are:

♥ Regular narration with pleasant music

♥ Voiceover is very weak, Hardly heard. Entering our subconscious easily

♥ Quick narration. 
Research and actual work with children from Japan in the field of  quantum speed reading (Dr. Schichida) show that by playing information at a certain speed, the information becomes more easily absorbed in the brain and more effectively.

♥ Narration that includes Brain Wave music (alpha waves)           

each part is Approximately 10 minutes.

I unify these 4 parts into one recording that you get

⇒ The music is selected by me for each and every one through my guidance.

You receive a recording in mp3 format. The recording can be downloaded to the computer/selolar and to any mp3 player you like.

All you have to do is listen to this recording twice a day – morning and evening.

It does not even need to take time from you, it’s possible at the gym while walking, you can walk in the morning, at any opportunity convenient for you.

The recording will sow the subconscious of your voice asking yourself for the change, the success, the good relationship, the abundance of livelihood … every request and yearning …and accordingly the mind calibrates, adjusts and moves all the engines forward to the goal!

It works! Usually, a month is all you need, and things start to move, results will start to appear in your life and new channels will open up for you.

I have no doubt that I will soon hear from you again with the request to upgrade, to add new sentences, to refine other sentences and to invite the brain programming scheme over and over again.

What do customers who have acquired brain training say?

Looking back, I look at the statements I have recorded and listened to them - amazing - one by one they were accomplished. Highly recommend

Yael Eini

From day to day it sounded more real to me Until you experience the form of this workout that keeps your heart pumping continuously and persistently, you do not know what the results can be. I purchased the brain training kit and I listen to it twice a day. At first, it was a bit strange to hear me say the sentences I had recorded. Suddenly, after a week, I realize that I'm actually getting used to listening to what is being said and more importantly - I love it !! And from day to day it sounds more real to me !! If at first, it was a bit strange and "unreliable" after a few days I find myself agreeing to accept what is said and feel comfortable with myself and it creates a wonderful feeling. Slowly, I am making a deeper connection with the one who speaks (me) and loves her more (me) and believes her more (me) and it is amazing to me - and there are already results. And it took only a week ... wow, what awaits me later. Thank you Galit dear for this wonderful idea and support on the way to realization.

Roni Zohar

Feeling good, positive and loving myself It's huge! The more I listen to the file, the more I love it ... I hear it twice a day, mostly walking, or while cleaning or washing dishes, etc. I immediately feel good, positive, love myself, and cut. Thanks for this bomb product!

Gaya Ariel

I felt that something was happening on the physical level I would like to share with you the special experience I had with the new materials that you sent me that require binding (my personal statements), wonderful music and innovative techniques. First of all, the possibility of connecting at any moment (even when I am sitting and working on the computer) to headphones that constantly transmit positive thoughts to me - very empowering and strong for me. I enjoyed very much the part of the statements that are almost unheard of and the part that the statements are very fast - I really felt inside my body - that something is happening even on the physical level. It's hard to define in words, but it did me good. Beyond that everything is very peaceful and relaxing. Thank you, thank you, for the idea and the workmanship !!! "

Galit Sarel

The results do not come too late I tried the method and fell in love. It's a simple and wonderful idea and the results are not long in coming. After a week of daily use of recorded statements (especially before bedtime), I can clearly say that it works! I feel a new attitude to the subject of declarations slowly seeping into my consciousness. In addition, this week I received a nice check from the National Insurance Institute (who even expected it?). Amazing! I highly recommend it.

Talia Shalev

Common questions

⇒ I cannot record … what should I do?

Every smartphone has the option to make recording very simple.
computers also has a built-in recording software.

They talk, record and send me to work.


⇒ What exactly to record?

You will get an acsses to a large stock of affirmations . All kinds of topics to help you.
You can use it and find the sentences that touch you, and you can create your own positive affirmations that you want to bring into your life.

Affirmations should be short, focused, and positive. It is not recommended to record long and vague thought phrases, but those that the brain can easily get into action.


⇒ How many sentences to choose?

There is no exact amount of sentences. Recording length should not exceed 2-3 minutes. I create this loop in order to hear the sentences over and over again.


⇒ How and why does it just work?

The recording that is listened to repeatedly “calms” the brain. Our brain is like Google’s search engine and really much more sophisticated. Give him a goal and he goes out to get it.

Repeated listening to sentences creates new pathways in the brain. In addition, the technology I wear on voiceover intensifies the effect and makes brain training work without any effort on your part.

The only thing to do is to let go and let things happen …


Let me tell you how I work with mental training

My personal use…

Every time I need a “boost” of energy, every time I’m in front of a new immigration and need focus, or when I feel I have a decline in my own faith … I create a precise recording of my situation and listen to it.

I personally listen continuously while I work on the computer. I just let the files run on the computer … Within a few days, I feel like I’m in a completely different state of mind.

It just works for me and changes the state of my consciousness when I need it.

So what do you actually get from me?

Brain training for the day

For listening during the day. This is a collection of positive statements that are made for you after I cleaned and added the arrangements to the finished work. There is no need to stop everything and listen. You hear while work, washing dishes, reading a book ...

Brain training for the night

Another 40-minute file is especially suitable for the night. All you hear is pleasant, relaxing music and your voice is so weak that it will not disturb you to sleep with it. Even if you fall asleep - the recording is still transmitting and your brain continues to receive messages. It works fine so I decided to incorporate it into the kit.

Free bonus- abundance affirmation

An audio track for listening to Magnificent abundance wuth Powerful affirmations.recorded on pleasant music. The recording was performed by a professional narrator.

pay attention

⇒ If I receive a recording that is not of high quality, I return it to you for further work.

⇒ If I think the statements can be improved, I am sending you recommendations for improving the recording.

⇒ If  you’re not sure about the statements you’ve chosen and need another eye to see them, I’m here to help. It’s important to me that you have excellent brain training. 

Get statrted now

Put your dezire into action!

50$ Regular price

New member price- Only 29$

The price completely does not reflect the work required of me to create your own personal soundtrack. This is not a ready-made shelf product, each file is personally prepared for you.

After payment, you will receive an email with explanation of the continued creation of your recording and a prepared stock of affirmations, which you can use. Once you send the recorded files to me – within 3 working days at most, your personal brain training soundtrack -will be sent by e-mail.

Now its your turn

Pay now and hear from me very soon

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