Drama in our life

Most of us are captives in various drama stories in our lives.

We seek after excitement, after momentary enthusiasms, after stories that fill our lives with exciting and stirring content.

What happens to us on the way is that we are moving away from an experience of inner quietness because we are in constant noise.

We excel in great pressures; peace and tranquility are not in our space. It seems to us that this is real life, but of course, it’s just an illusion.

The dramas feed on our stories, the pain, and difficulties we carry with us, our past attachment, familiar and old, and the central illusion that life without thrills is not the life we want to live. 

It is like the process of infatuation between spouses. In the beginning, there is an ecstasy, the pulse rises, butterflies in the stomach, thinking about it and miss your partner, dreaming about it all day and all night and it’s a natural process of falling in love, but it’s not life. A few months later, falling in love is replaced by quiet love. We are required to move on to the next stage of love. Quiet, calm, safe and peaceful. A love that sailed smoothly.

That’s exactly how it is in our life. One whose life is full of drama is like a butterfly running after events. Something always happens, something always grabs attention. There is always something that requires an urgent reference. Something that takes us out from the inner self, from the quiet, from the calm …

The central experience of those who have a drama is a lack of control. Let’s take a look at the earnings in the drama. There is something very alive, full of adrenaline being in a drama. Full of vitality, even putting us in a little center and there’s interest in it. It revives me, it makes me colorful and colorful in my perception of how others see me.

All of us who are addicted to drama cannot think of a dull life as if these two are the only alternates: Drama and interest or boredom.

The prices of the drama are fatigue. Living at a high volume, with high adrenaline, results in fatigue. Many times dramatic people find themselves collapsing, as if out of nowhere. (The collapse will also be dramatic, for example in the most inappropriate place and time).

There is a lot of energy wasted in a life full of drama.  Instead of building and creating something new, the energies go to extinguish fires, to deal with the big things that happen around me, things that need my urgent attention.

 There is a lot of unnecessary activity in daily activities as well. Any simple action can become strong, active, stimulating. Things that can be done quietly and comfortably are often very active.

Even the language of those who are addicted to the drama is affected. If everything is great and everything is dramatic it also affects my language and how I express myself, my intonation, my body language.

The drama is becoming part of our essence and some of us have a hard time giving up on it.

Drama in our life

Drama is an addictive essence and we cannot describe our lives without it and therefore it is hard for us to give it up.

It is hard for us to describe how our lives will look without the drama stories.For most of us, the drama is part of our life,  and not even aware that we are in drama.
It’s like the camel does not see his hump. It seems to us that this is how our lives are, and so is everybody’s life. So what does it mean to live a life without drama?

First and foremost, it means that we return to ourselves the experience of control, that we choose what enters to our space.

The next thing we gain in life without drama is much less pressure and much more ease and simplicity.

To be without drama is to lower the volume of life and there we find other sounds quieter, more harmonious, less noisy. There is more peace and quietness in this place.

 Some people will say – “Suppose that I’ll be without drama, but life itself will bring their dramas. Life is stronger than we are”

In fact, what they really say is that the drama is outside, not inside. Is that so?

Let’s look at something else, something entirely different.All things that are outside, everything we call reality is a reflection or a mirror of what is happening within us.
In other words – it’s like a pregnant woman seen around her fellow pregnant women, Meaning Similar attracts similar, Frequency attracts frequency. 

The more we are in a state of being quiet, calm, and ease the more and more the outside will be reflected in what life will bring to our doorstep.

And if and when life brings that kind of drama, it will be much more moderate and controlled. The dramas will come more rarely.

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