The new energy brings with it a huge wave of light.
This means that the vibration of the Earth rises and so does human beings.

Our minds expand, we separated from the old stories and the light within us grows.

Releasing the old energy may lead to resistance that can manifest itself in various forms: restlessness, desire to sleep, nervousness, dramas and holding on to sleep and pain.

The time is now very accelerated, and it makes us get sucked into drama very quickly and the drama is also very big.

In order to receive this new energy into us, we cannot resist it. Resistance only brings more drama, more difficulty, and more suffering.

So, in fact, we need to expand our Mind, who we are, to light.
The more extended the instrument is to the light, the faster we can transform and shed light on darkness.We are living in a third dimension, so the dark and light exist side by side.

 Acceleration is taking place these days and since 2012, it is increasing. We can no longer bury your head in the sand, everything floats, everything rises, it’s impossible not to see those dark parts that exist within us. We cannot live “Nearby” anymore.

It is important to note that we are not complete without our darkened parts. These are the human places that have always been and always will continue to exist.
We will look at them as a kind of gift, through which we can grow.

In addition, this acceleration increases the entire experience. Everything is much deeper, stronger, faster, and higher.

As long as we are compacting the third dimension, darkness will continue to exist. One cannot decide to give up feeling all the low fears and feelings. It comes as long as we are in the body. The challenge is to shed light on darkness and rise above it.

It sounds very simple but in times of darkness, it is very difficult to remember the light, cause in the dark, there is an illusion. It sometimes feels like there’s no light as if it’s the truth and there is no other possibility. But then it must be remembered that wherever there is darkness there is also light. They exist side by side.

 The light in this place is so that we will know and remember that we choose ourselves, that we are the light! That darkness is near us and that it is necessary, but we are the light! We are our power!


Lack of knowledge of the road

 “Know where you came from and where you are going” : a sentence taken from the Mishnah in Judaism. This sentence is still relevant but the answer to it is different than the answers given to him once in the past.

Once we could define, interpret, look at who I was and what is my way. What is right for me, what is wrong for me, what I want, what is good for me…  There were stability and permanence.

But those days, the answers change at any moment. What I thought in the morning, maybe I’ll think differently in a few days or five minutes, since I’ve already had a few insights, since everything is much accelerated and progress is very rapid.

We move very fast forward and that means we are changing all the time.Today, the times are such that the answers constantly change because they are correct only for this moment, and this moment constantly changes. We keep changing.

Our consciousness changes very quickly so nothing I knew about myself is relevant anymore. The challenge is to put question marks on all the places where we once had very safe exclamation points: what is my passion, what do I want from relationships, how will my prosperity come, what is right for me and my children, what kind of education should I give to my children today, ….. etc

We are required to doubt all.Everything I thought I knew about the world and the operating system of the world. The process is analogous to micro and macro: both to me and to the world.

 In a sense, we are asked to learn the art of change: to adapt to new situations quickly and to maintain proper consciousness.
It requires innovating, inventing, and recreating ourselves every day a new. Requires ongoing emanation of:

  • Innovation (improve existing)
  • Creation (think differently)
  • thought and creation (from nothing) 

separate from the past 

In order to do these, we must separate from the past.
To part with the beliefs, the convictions, the rules,  the principle, the fixes, – which are no longer relevant.

The sentences we grew up on, such as: “There is nothing new under the sun,” and “what was, shall be,” belong to the past and are irrelevant today.

Most of the concepts we hold such as- what is abundance, what is happiness, love, family, success – variables in front of our eyes.
Nothing we are accustomed to is already adapted. Anyone who wants to connect to these times must agree and choose to part with the past. This is not a simple choice, because it’s shaking the ground beneath our feet, the familiar.

But today, confidence must be built differently. We are required to agree to be in uncertainty, to agree to learn every moment a new what is right for us, to agree to be in the present.

 Another aspect of parting from the past is the emotional aspect: to separate from the past and to be in present, in order to receive all the gifts that are available to us from creation, we must also make an emotional leap: to separate from emotional attachments, to separate from fear, suspicion, compromise, jealousy, shame, dissatisfaction from people around us, from reduction of ourselves, from comparison to others, from the lowering of our value, from victims … from everything that leaves us in the past.

 Knowing what I think is right and wrong does not serve me anymore.And in order to be in this place, it requires to be in a quiet place, inner quiet, of “do not know,” of “Its fine not to know,” of “I will not know,” of “I do not know anything” which means letting go of control and relying, of great uncertainty.

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