Whisper to the cells

Many years ago, when I was doing body therapy, I realized that I was talking to the patient’s body.

There was something else in the dynamics of the work, in which I “talked” to the muscles and the cells …. Over the years, the treatments changed shape and deepened.

Information constantly “runs” in all our body systems. Our cells “talk” to each other, and at any moment there is communication between them.

The question is, what kind of communication is going on in this neural network? What information does our cells replicate all the time? Is information of security and joy, of love? Or of survival, difficulty, distrust?

Different states of physical and emotional health begin first in the cells.

We already know that DNA, that unique coil, a copy of which is found in each of our cells, is not accepted as a silent inheritance from our parents. Unambiguous findings show that DNA, and of course our cells, are constantly responding to the environment and the records it leaves us .

It is a communicative communication: the cells affect our lives, and our lives affect the cells.

Just as there is communication between people, there is communication between the cells (in the form of chemical or electrical signals), and as communications can be difficult and challenging between people – exactly the same exists between our cells.

However, just as couples do not wake up in one bright day and decide to divorce because communication between them is impossible, so do diseases that are related to any cell damage that do not appear in one day.

Much earlier there had been deficiencies in inter-cellular communication, just as in human relationships.

Every moment our consciousness affects our cells as well as the water economy in our bodies. Our body is mostly composed of water. (Know the book “Messages from the Water”? You can find many pictures of water crystals on the Internet and their configuration, which responds to our consciousness).

So what kind of communication goes between our cells?

Or rather, ask: On what platform works our cell communication?

That little girl who was once insulted when she was not chosen again and again to participate in the game, continues to live within us. The same child who was boycotted at school, the same betrayal that was experienced intensely …. Everyone continues to resonate within us, and the information is energetically stored in our cells.

And let’s go another step: Just as our consciousness affects the cells, so do the cells affect our consciousness. In fact, our cells replicate themselves, replicating the space of our consciousness, the records of our lives.

Unless we teach them new information.

What new information do we want to teach our cells?

What information do we want to clean out of our cells?

What information does the cells reproduce over and over again, even though they change in a short time? (They exchange the same information, just like in a relay race …).

Sometimes the communication itself is sick. Communication that has a lot of “noise” (that’s how I experience it in listening to cells): A lot of drama, many contradictory signals are transmitted in all directions, creating a sense of chaos.

The first thing to do is to calm the message. Allow more quiet in cells and cells. And the quiet that will be achieved, will of course experience the body as well as the emotion.

The cells can then be taught new information, information that has not been known to date. Anyone who has never felt a sense of real and basic security probably does not know his language.

Those who have never felt a sense of flow with life, of “everything is fine”, apparently his cells do not know this vibration.

Cells can be taught new information, a new, healthy communication that replicates itself to a healthier, fuller, more complete life experience, precisely to those conscious places within us that are needed.

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